What is GGL?

I've created a page like this for each class period. As long as you follow the instructions on each such page, completing all the assignments before that date, you'll be current in the class. You should also make sure, however, to keep track of when major assignments are due. A full list of readings that includes assignment dates and deadlines is available here and in the syllabus.

Read this:

  1. Chapters 1 - 4 of God, Philosophy, and Universities by Alasdair MacIntyre
  2. Mission Statement, University of Notre Dame
  3. Optional Reading: William Deresiewicz's op-ed on why Ivy League educations aren't worth the cost.

Watch this:


Do this:

  1. Access and copy Reflection Journal Template to your drive, follow instructions on page 1.
  2. Access and read the course syllabus here.
  3. Post your answer to this week's discussion question in the private Facebook group (email me if you have not yet been added to the private Facebook group).
  4. Google "What is academic philosophy?" and see if you get any informative results.
  5. Make sure to visit and read the Course Policies page, and check out the syllabus (linked to the Course Policies page).